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Interview with G-Mobile and Goyo Cashmere companies
Tuesday, 10 August 2010

1008_sp2.jpgInterview with the representatives of G-Mobile and Goyo Cashmere companies, sponsors of 2010 FIDE Women’s Grand Prix tournament.

Goyo: Our Company was established in 1994 and we produce various cashmere garments. In 2008 we advanced into fashion industry and for the first time we participated in a fashion exhibition in Italy with great success. Our cashmere products are internationally recognized and we export huge amounts of them. You have visited our factory and seen how raw material is transformed to fashionable products. 

  The main reason for sponsoring this event is that we believe that a human being should develop in two directions: mental and physical. In Mongolia physical sport is developed fairly well with our sportsmen winning in international tournaments of boxing, wrestling, archery, sharpshooting and sumo. So we thought that now is time to contribute to mental development of Mongolians and this tournament provides a unique opportunity to develop in Mongolia the most intelligent of all sports – chess. Also a country’s wealth is the intellectual potential of its people, so we decided to sponsor this tournament as a small token of support to chess which has long history and tradition in our country. We wish all participants success in this tournament. 

1008_sp.jpgG-Mobile: We registered our first subscriber of cell phones in April 2006 and at present we have 360 thousand customers and a communication network of 270 service stations reaching the remotest corners of our country. Our services include free phone service between our consumers, absence of prepaid service inconveniences, both stationary and mobile communications, and from 2008 we are introducing 3G technology. We concentrate much attention to newest IT technologies and constantly introduce new products.

We have a rich history of sponsoring boxing and other sport tournaments. We decided to sponsor this chess event because chess is the most intellectual sport and we feel honored to sponsor this highly respected tournament. We wish all players good results.

Q: Do you plan to support chess tournaments in future?

Goyo: There is a Mongolian proverb: clothes decorate a person and intellect crowns him. Chess contributes to mental development of each country’s people, so we are determined also in future to support chess.

G-Mobile: We see sponsorship of chess tournaments as intellectual investment, so we will be pleased further contribute to chess development. 

Q: There are 12 strong players at this tournament. Whom do you wish success?

Goyo: All 12 players are capable of winning this tournament. Though Munguntuul is not showing her best play, we wish her success. The Indian Koneru has great chances for overall first place. Chinese Zhao Xue has also good opportunity to win. 

G-Mobile: This tournament of international importance has the most capable chess players. Of course, we root for Munguntuul who is playing at home. However, in my opinion, Koneru humpy will prevail.
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