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Interview with Gantulga, head of Marketing section of the Monnis International Company
Friday, 06 August 2010

0608_monnis.jpgThe head of Marketing Department of Monnis International Company, main sponsor of the 2010 FIDE Women’s Grand Prix - Mr.Gantulga - has visited the tournament on Thursday. At press conference he has told about the company and the further plans for sponsorship.

Gantulga: Our company was established in 1998 as subsidiary of the famous Japanese Nissan Motors company, and from 2003 we began to distribute heavy equipment of the german Liebherr company. We are also engaged in international trade, mining and construction businesses. Our daughter branches include Monnis Mining and Aero Mongolia aviation carrier. When the FIDE Grand Prix Organizational Committee contacted us we held a meeting of our company’s leadership and decided to become the main sponsor of this event.

Q: How long have your company been sponsoring various sport events and why have you decided to patronage this particular tournament?

Gantulga: We have a long history of sponsoring sport and educational events as a socially responsible entity. For example, from 2002 we are the main sponsor of national football championships among school children; we also held the “Sensation 2002” football tournament and participated in Asian table tennis championship of 2004. This year we will also organize an automobile rally, and every year we try to sponsor 1-2 major international and national sport tournaments.

Q: The day before yesterday participants of this tournament visited the headquarters of your company. What can you say about this visit?

Gantulga: This FIDE Grand Prix tournament includes the world’s best and highest ranking players, and we were so proud to host all these wonderful women and introduce our company to them. We were happy to have a photo session with the players and we think that through this widely covered tournament we are able to introduce not only our company, but the nation and people of Mongolia as well.

Q: Do you support men’s or women’s sport events?

Gantulga: We do not give preference, we always try to be impartial and support either tournament.

Q: Whom are you rooting for?

Gantulga: Of course, all people in our company root for our compatriot Munguntuul. However, it is also interesting to observe games of other famous players.

Q: Are there many employees in your company who play chess?

Gantulga: Every year we hold chess competition among our employees, and this tournament is rekindling interest in chess. After work I have observed that many of our people are staying and playing chess. We plan to continue to support chess development and tournaments.
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