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Interview with Tatiana Kosintseva
Saturday, 07 August 2010
0908_kosintse.jpgQ: Tatiana, please, tell us about yourself.

Tatiana: Two years ago I graduated from the University, now I play professional chess, train – in other words I am leading a professional chess player’s life.  

Q: How do you spend a usual day when you are home, in Arkhangelsk?

Tatiana: In various ways. There is no set order, it depends on my mood. I read, go to cinema, meet my friends, in other words I lead an ordinary life, and do usual tings. Of course, I spend much time on chess. Even when there are no tournaments, I spend several hours a day for training.

Q: What writers do you prefer? Which genres?

Tatiana: Various. For example, recently I’ve read “The Thirteenth Tale” by Diane Setterfield. I like Bernard Werber, also prefer readings in philosophy. I do not like much science fiction.

Q: Do you read any chess literature?

Tatiana: Of course, now we can get almost everything from computers. Mostly I work with computers. However, I like some books, for example, “The Great Confrontation” by Garry Kasparov.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

Tatiana: Various. For example, currently I like Enigma band.

Q: Which human traits attract you in people?

Tatiana: Kindness, integrity and ability to achieve one’s goals in spite of difficulties.

Q: Do you play chess via Internet? Blitz?

Tatiana: I used to play a lot, but stopped one time. Sometimes I play with my sister Nadya. We used to play with Nadya often, but not anymore.

Q: Your sister Nadezhda is also very strong chessplayer. You play side by side for a national team, often play the same tournaments. Is there any competition between you?

Tatiana: We do not have any competition. We help each other, work together. If one of us achieved better results, the other tries to take over and so on. And this year our tournaments mostly differ. 

Q: Every person in various spheres of life has some goals to achieve. People set plans for future, and have general pictures of their lives. How do you see your life, say, in 10 years ahead?

Tatiana: Naturally it will not be only a chess life. I see my future as every ordinary person sees it: to have family, achieve success in all aspects of life and not to be transfixed on one subject, and, of course, to continue playing chess.

Q: Do you want to play chess all your life?

Tatiana: We will see how it turns out. Currently, I like to play chess, so I should play. There is no way to foretell the future, so I cannot say.

Q: Thank you, Tatiana
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