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Interview with Women’s Grandmaster Shen Yang
Monday, 02 August 2010
ami_8070.jpgQuestion: Yang, could you tell about yourself?

Yang: I was born in Nanjing, now I live in the capital of China - Beijing. When I was 8, my father brought me to a chess center in Nanjing. There were three kinds of chess: Chinese chess, chess and I-go. We decided to choose chess: despite the popularity of Chinese chess in our country, they are not popular abroad.

Now I study in Tsinghua University University, which is one of our best, at economics and management faculty. I am the second-year student.

Q: Will you choose economics or chess as your main profession?

Yang: I used to be a professional chessplayer, but now I spend some time for studying. I will make the final decision after my graduation. If I can improve my level, I will go on playing chess.

Q: How do you divide your time between chess and other things?

Yang: I spend half of my time on chess and half on study.

Q: What are you interested in?

Yang: I like to read, listen to the music and write stories. When I was in my childhood, I wrote some cartoons, flesh-stories. Now I write novels.

Q: What are your preferences in the literature and music?

Yang: Light and classic music. About literature: usually I prefer Chinese books. Recently I got very interested in environment subjects. I learn some materials and environment issues. 

Q: Do you read some chess literature?

Yang: Very few.

Q: Do you take any sports activities?

Yang: I do a little yoga. I like swimming, but I cannot swim often.

Q: You travel a lot - which country do you like most?

Yang: I like all the countries I have visited. Every place has its beauty, its own unique culture and rich history. Human history.

Q: Do you collect any information about the new country before your visit?

Yang: Yes, sometimes when I check it in the Internet.

Q: Do you have some goals for the nearest future?

Yang: My main goal is connected with chess: I have some problems in my career. I always blunder in good positions. It lasts the last several years. My goal is to cover it.
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