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Interview with Gantulga, head of Marketing section of the Monnis International Company
Friday, 06 August 2010

0608_monnis.jpgThe head of Marketing Department of Monnis International Company, main sponsor of the 2010 FIDE Women’s Grand Prix - Mr.Gantulga - has visited the tournament on Thursday. At press conference he has told about the company and the further plans for sponsorship.

Gantulga: Our company was established in 1998 as subsidiary of the famous Japanese Nissan Motors company, and from 2003 we began to distribute heavy equipment of the german Liebherr company. We are also engaged in international trade, mining and construction businesses. Our daughter branches include Monnis Mining and Aero Mongolia aviation carrier. When the FIDE Grand Prix Organizational Committee contacted us we held a meeting of our company’s leadership and decided to become the main sponsor of this event.

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Round 6 report
Thursday, 05 August 2010


Having won the principal game against Antoaneta Stefanova, with whom she had divided the first place before the round, Chinese Zhao Xue took the leadership at the 5th FIDE Women Grand Prix.

Zhao Xue – Stefanova Antoaneta. 1 - 0

  Slav defense was played. White sacrificed a pawn to take the initiative during the shift to the middlegame. White regained a pawn and had space advantage in the middlegame. After 15…h5 both moves: 16.h4 – to provide a Knight’s position, and 16.f3 – to open lines for the attack – deserved attention. 

24…Rd8 was dubious. White transferred their play from queenside to kingside, broke the coordination of Black pieces and won.

Zhao: It was a very interesting game, and the opening was also interesting. I sacrificed a pawn, attacked in the middle, took initiative and finally got a piece. Move e4 was an interesting step. Antoaneta did not find good defense and committed several errors. 

Antoaneta: I agree with Zhao, I didn’t play well. 7. e4 is a typical move. I probably did a mistake by 14…b5, 14…b6!? deserves attention. My pieces got paralyzed, then timing problems began and I lost. 25. Rd8 also was very bad.  

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Interview with Chief Arbiter Ignatius Leong, IA.
Thursday, 05 August 2010


International Arbiter Ignatius Leong - the Chief Arbiter of the 5th FIDE Women Grand Prix - has shared his experience with guests of the tournament and has answered the questions of journalists.

Q: Mr. Leong, how many years have you been working as an arbiter?

Leong: I started to work as an arbiter at the age of 17. At that time, I was the youngest person ever to be nominated as an International Arbiter. I should say that world championships with their knock out format, and robin round plays like in this Grand Prix demand different approaches in terms of judging. In my experience, I participated in two world championship matches, several tournaments of Grand Prix and chess Olympics as Chief Arbiter. Each tournament is different. For example, chess Olympics have thousands of participants, while other tournaments have a few chosen elite. I also would like to say that I very like to work at youth tournaments.   

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Round 5 report
Wednesday, 04 August 2010


After 5th round games grandmasters came to the press centre and answered to the journalist’s questions.

Batkhuyag Munguntuul – Zhao Xue. 1/2 – 1/2

Spanish opening was played, 7…Bg4 leaded only to inverted move-order of the main line. During the shift from opening to middlegame White preserved their advantage, so just before endgame Black sacrificed a pawn to get out of the difficult position. White did not foresee Black’s 42…Kb6 and the game equalized. Later White had an opportunity to preserve advantage by moving Kg3 or otherwise, except of 42…Rd2. Both parties tried to create winning chances but failed and draw was agreed.

Munguntuul: the opening went well after 21.g4. Though it seemed that opponent’s knight was in a better position, actually I had an advantage. Pawn on d6 was weak. Temporary Zhao had two-bishops advantage, but I put my Knight on d5 and she had to exchange one. Under the time presser Zhao sacrificed the pawn. Later I overlooked opponent’s 42…Nb6 and gave my pawn back. Nevertheless I still had an advantage which I failed to realize for a win. 

Zhao: I did not think after 21.g4 position was better for White. Black was OK, though I could have played better. I had troubles with a pawn d6, it is true, but after 31.Bf2 I could’ve played d5, to change some pieces and to have a good position. I lost many chances due to timing. I should again say that I did not play well. I lost a pawn, but then took it back. So equal position with parity forces led to draw.

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