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Interview with Hou Yifan
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

1108_12.jpgQ: Yifan, congratulate you on the victory! Which game was the most difficult for you?

Yifan: The game of the first round with Tatiana Kosintseva – I had a dangerous position and might have lost.

Q: Did you expected before the tournament you are the winner?

Yifan: I came to Mongolia for the first time and it was interesting for me to see the new country and culture. As for the tournament: I expected a good result, but my main goal was to show the good playing. I did not think much about the result.

Q: Whom do you work with?

Yifan: Now I have 2 coaches: the main trainer of Chinese team Ye Jiangchuan and Yu Shaoteng.

Q: You often play strong open tournaments. Don’t you have plans, following the example of Judit Polgar, to play only with men?

Yifan: She is very strong at that time, her level is much higher than the one of other female players. As for me, I think I will play both women and men tournaments.

Q: Do you have an idol in chess?

Yifan: Yes, he is Bobby Fischer. He was very strong, his personality differs from others. He was American and achieved a champion title when the soviet school dominated all over the world. I like his style.

Q: Which manner of playing do you prefer?

Yifan: Both positional and tactical, but prefer to play actively.

Q: What will be your next tournament? Will you play in Women World blitz championship in Moscow?

Yifan: In September I am going to Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, but I do not know about World blitz championship – I have not seen regulations yet.

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