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Interview with representatives of Oyu Tolgoi and MGM Electronics companies
Saturday, 07 August 2010

0708_mgm.jpgRepresentatives of Oyu Tolgoi and MGM Electronics companies, sponsors of 2010 FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Mongolia, gave to press-center a short interview.

Q: Please, introduce your companies briefly.

MGM: Our company is operating in its 10th year and is a leading producer of electronic products in Mongolia. We assemble desktop computers, server equipment, other electronic gadgets, and beginning from 2007, we manufacture all-in-one notebook for countryside nomads and their families so they can have access to the Internet and TV broadcast in the remotest regions of our country. For this purpose we have created communication network in all 21 aimaks (provinces) of our vast country. This particular brand won a top award at an exhibition in Mongolia.

Oyu Tolgoi: Our company is developing copper and gold deposits in Khan-Bogd county of South Gobi province. Investment is provided by Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe international corporations according to October 2009 Investment Contract with the Government of Mongolia which became valid in March 2010. Soon after, construction of mines began and we plan production to be fully operational by 2013. Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe have a combined 66% stake in this joint venture, with the rest belonging to the Government of Mongolia.
Q: Did you sponsor sport events before?

MGM: Chess is an intellectual sport and information technology is an intellectual product. Therefore chess and computers are mutually connected, chess being embodiment of intellect. In 2007 we organized a chess tournament among children, and we also present chess sets to our consumers.

Oyu Tolgoi: We think that chess as an intellectual sport has great future in Mongolia. As FIDE President K.Ilyumzhinov said, this tournament is unprecedented in terms of strength and ranking of players.

We at Oyu Tolgoi, strive to develop chess among our 4000 employees and organize tournaments. Our company also sponsors tournament participation and training of our most high ranking female player B.Munguntuul.

Q: What do you can say about players’ visit to your companies’ headquarters?

MGM: Players visited our headquarters and electronics store, saw our computer brand for nomads and production line. I think they were very interested and surprised at our modern technology.

Oyu Tolgoi: Our collective was very pleased to host such famous chess players. Unfortunately, our production site is located in a very remote corner of Mongolia and it was impossible to visit our actual mines. We hope that sometimes players will have an opportunity to visit there.

Q: Do your employees love and play chess?

MGM: Our collective is young and about 60-70% of our employees play chess.
Oyu Tolgoi: When in a Mongolian family a boy is born, parents hope that he will become a wrestler. Also chess moves are taught to children from the very young age. I think that almost all of our employees play chess in various degrees. We also have chess masters who played for many years.
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