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The 5th FIDE Women Grand Prix has finished
Wednesday, 11 August 2010
1108_maincl.jpgThe closing ceremony of the fifth stage of FIDE Women Grand Prix State took part in the State Drama Art Theater of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
The officials, organizers, and also numerous of chess fans have come to congratulate 12 participants of the tournament.

S.Lambaa, Minister of Health of Mongolia, on behalf of people of Mongolia and Government expressed the hope that it will be the beginning of chess development in the country:  

  - This chess event is even more important in regard that we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of Mongolian Chess Federation and 55th anniversary of its joining to FIDE. Our Government is paying special attention to chess development in our country. The foundation laying ceremony of Mongolian Chess Academy Palace is symbolic of our determination to become a chess world power.

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Interview with Hou Yifan
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

1108_12.jpgQ: Yifan, congratulate you on the victory! Which game was the most difficult for you?

Yifan: The game of the first round with Tatiana Kosintseva – I had a dangerous position and might have lost.

Q: Did you expected before the tournament you are the winner?

Yifan: I came to Mongolia for the first time and it was interesting for me to see the new country and culture. As for the tournament: I expected a good result, but my main goal was to show the good playing. I did not think much about the result.

Q: Whom do you work with?

Yifan: Now I have 2 coaches: the main trainer of Chinese team Ye Jiangchuan and Yu Shaoteng.

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Round 11 report
Wednesday, 11 August 2010


On this Wednesday 11th of August the Grand Prix of Ulaabaator has ended. The last round was played at 10.00 so that everyone could be ready for the closing ceremony which was planned for 16.00.

The decisive game was played this morning, opposing A.Stefanova to You Hifan who were ahead of the other players. For the place, You Hifan needed just a draw to be declared winner whereas Stefanova had to defeat her opponent to gain the first place. As expected, both players fought strongly, nevertheless the game ended with a draw.

Hou Yifan, with 8 points, is then the proud winner of the Grand Prix of Ulaabaatar and she deserves it totally, being the only participant with no defeat at all.

Clear second place, with 7 and ½, went to Stefanova who, since the beginning appeared to be as one of the favourite of this tournament.

Both T. Kosintseva and Koneru were disappointed by their result, however they came just after Stefanova, with 6 and ½ point each.

The whole tournament has been a real success and the Mongolian Chess Federation should be warmly thanked. 

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Round 10 report
Tuesday, 10 August 2010

1008_mail.jpgHou Yifan – Batkhuyag Munguntuul. 1 – 0

The game was played in Sheveningen variation of Sicilian defense with early e6-e5 advance. Reaction 12.f5 was too fast, attention deserved 12. 0-0. Afterwards the game developed into interesting endgame, Black seemed to overrate their position. Shift to knight-bishop endgame was the reason of Black defeat. 
Hou: In the Middlegame I sacrificed a pawn e4 and got an initiative. My opponent had better position, I think. The endgame was equal but as I think 29..Kh8 was a mistake which gave me the opportunity to win.

Munguntuul: I spend too much time thinking in opening. After exchange of Queens an equal situation developed. But I lost a pawn on f7, and lost a difficult endgame.  

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